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Design Drawings

One of the most important parts of any landscape project are the design and planning! Harmonizing the home with the surroundings, creating functioning living spaces for your lifestyle, choosing materials what complement both; esthetical, practical and economical reasons fully support the need of a good design plan!

It is decided in the design process how to make the right order of the work -if it is installed in phases-, avoiding unnecessary expenses to redo, undo or change work done already. Choosing lasting materials, coordinating design style throughout the yard, considering the entire site conditions, as a whole, is only possible if there is a proper planning in the process.

We can work without a drawn plan too, but if you would like to visualize the garden before installation/ or phase out construction/or submit it to HOA’s it is often useful to complete one.

    Photo landscape renderings:  picture taken at your site and illustrated with suggested plant photos- very  visual, 2D, optional plant list shows plant Latin names, good presentation for front yard simple beds, for deep areas, layered landscape -not recommended
    Drawings for project submittals to Homeowner's associations- drawn to scale with descriptions of work -usually in 2D
    Master plans: Drawn to scale, based on your plot plan and our additional measurements. All landscape elements will be drawn to exact placement, botanical plant names, sizes, amount to be planted, hardscape material to be used, size of planting bed, patio, pergola, walks, etc, and additional information such as photos, specifications for installation if needed. This is a highly detailed plan; complete with all plants and hardscape elements included in the drawing. It enables you to see the proposed design plan entirely,  do installation in phases, or if the homeowner prefers to do the installation themselves.
    3D plant and hardscape renderings of your yard - the most  complex and sophisticated presentation, real visual experience of your potential design

Cost of drawings depend on the requested details, size of the designed area, method of drawing. Cost can be established only on site, samples of drawings can be viewed here below!
In larger projects part of the design fee is credited back towards the installation work. No design drawings obligate the homeowner to hire us for installation but we are a design & built company and provide competitive estimates from the site preparation, through masonry, hardscaping, plantings, mulching, garden accessories- using hand selected quality materials. 

We do install projects at once or in phases through your desired timeframe.
In busy seasons/ years we may only be able to complete design drawings for projects what we likely to complete, do not have time for design only work., that we may do in slow times.

Examples of photo renderings, 2D and 3D presentations of landscape ideas:

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