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We provide seasonal pruning, fertilizing, mulching maintenance services!

Mostly on gardens we installed for you but if our schedule allows us we maintain any other gardens too!

At Colorful Gardens garden maintenance, we will keep your installed landscape as beautiful as it was when we installed it.
Additionally we provide maintenance on any garden where is needed, by pruning hedges, shrubs, mulching, weeding, fertilizing flowerbeds, shrubs, keeping all plants healthy and flowering freely. As part of the project we will remove debris, take out shrubs, up to medium size trees, branches, do spring and fall clean-ups.

Low impact garden maintenance is our main approach, by reducing the chemicals needed to do the full fertilizing programs, using slow release fertilizers, organic fertilizers and grouped maintenance work.

Colorful Gardens also works collaboratively with client’s who maintain they own property, not shoulder to shoulder but with doing part of the heavy work ourselves and if you wish doing the light work yourself.

    Spring and Fall clean-up 
    Mulching 
    Pruning 
    Shrub and up to medium tree removal, stump grinding 
    Deadheading flower gardens 
    Weeding, garden clean-up 
    Fertilizing 
    Debris and junk removal (as part of the landscaping project)
    Around pool garden maintenance

Create your dream yard.
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